What is corporate wear?

Corporate wear is clothing in which you can do your work comfortably and which is recognisable to others. Of course, it varies per profession what corporate wear is most suitable. This can vary from functional corporate wear to a neat uniform or suit.

For which industries does Groenendijk Bedrijfskleding supply corporate wear?

We mainly supply corporate wear to government and healthcare institutions, installation and logistics companies, security and public transport companies. But of course we will assess for each case whether we are a suitable party. Please feel free to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

Isn't corporate wear specially designed for one company very expensive?

This is a common misconception. Customer-specific corporate wear certainly does not have to be more expensive. The design process may take a little more time, but producing a special takes just as much time as a standard item.

Do you also supply special (shoe) sizes?

All clothing can be altered in our workshop. Should trousers be shortened or should a jacket be taken in? No problem! We can also supply a wide range of shoe sizes, for men from Dutch size 40 to 70 and for women from Dutch size 30 to 60. Some variants are also available in different widths.

We also offer measurements. This can be done on location, but also at our service point in Woerden. Precise measurement ensures optimal wearing comfort of your corporate wear.

How do I know which sizes to order?

After taking the measurements, the measurement team enters them directly into the webshop. This means that the correct size is already entered in the webshop when you order new clothing.

Do you have clothing in stock?

We have clothing from our own collection From Scratch in stock. We can also keep specific clothing in stock in our warehouse of over 10,000 m2. Other products are in stock with our suppliers, so we can always process and deliver orders quickly.

Do you offer a laundry service?

In almost all cases, our clothing is suitable for cleaning at home. Jackets and business suits are an exception. These are cleaned via a dry cleaner, for example via Ticket Clean Way or Moderna.

My corporate wear is no longer usable, what should I do?

We work with the TextilePoint return programme where we collect old corporate wear which can then be reused for tables, chairs, bags and insulation material. The returns service can be linked to the personal webshop.

Is corporate wear tax deductible?

Under Dutch law corporate wear is deductible in some cases, but it must meet a number of conditions:

  • Each item of clothing has one or more visible logos with a total surface area of 70 cm2 (this may also be two logos of 35 cm2)
  • Or the corporate wear is stored at the company, for example in a designated area with lockers


How long does a clothing package or product last on average?

The lifespan of individual items depends on a lot of variables. How many products do you have available, how often and during which activities is the clothing worn and how do the wearers handle the maintenance of the clothing?

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